26 April 2011

Malouda: More to come from Torres

"The first one is always important and you could see everyone was very happy, we did a big pile up on him and there was a lot of happiness," said Malouda, explaining the scenes that followed Torres' goal.
"It's very good for his confidence; we're going to have more goals from Torres before the end of the season.

"When you are part of the squad you want to share moments like this. It is always difficult for a striker when they have pressure because they don't score.
"In a football career you have to enjoy those moments. When you look at the atmosphere when I scored the third goal, it was crazy. You train for those kinds of moments."
Chelsea now trail the Red Devils by six points and must win their remaining matches to stand any chance of denying Sir Alex Ferguson's men a record-breaking 19th championship.
"That's our object until the end of the season," Malouda added.
"Right now we are getting back to our best performances, so we have to keep putting pressure on and keep winning.
"Winning the title will be difficult. The only thing we are looking at now is winning every game we have, then you never know."

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