24 April 2011


'Fourteen games waiting for the first goal, it was not the beginning I was expecting when I signed,' he said after the final whistle.
'I kept working and it's thanks to all my team-mates because it was because of them that I scored. They have been looking for me all the time in the last games and finally I can score. There's less pressure for me now, and now I can enjoy it and we can see if we can finish the season right.

'It has not been difficult,' he added of life at Chelsea without a goal to his name. 'The fans have been very patient with me, showing their support every game when they follow the team away and at Stamford Bridge.
'I had more anxiety for them than for me because I wanted to score to show them I could and hopefully this is the first of many.

I was in the changing room and I wanted to run and jump on as well. It is fantastic,' said Didier Drogba who was the player Torres replaced.
'We know we have a great player here. It is very difficult to come in February and to get used to the team. Next season is going to fantastic for him.
'It was a derby and it is always difficult to play against West Ham. The weather was not the greatest to play football but there were two important things today - the three points and Fernando's goal.'

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